It’s important to continue signing petitions until a situation is resolved.
Less attentions makes it easy for a matter to be dropped.

Rubber bullets are lethal crowd control tactics that qualify as excessive force.

Prisoners are used as labor in the US. They do things like work in fields or fight wildfires, unpaid.

An unarmed man waiting for a tow truck, shot to death by police on the Garden State Parkway.

The unarmed man whose murder resparked this movement.

A woman shot to death while sleeping in her own bed after police entered the wrong apartment

A 12 year old boy, murdered by police, for simply holding a toy gun in the park.

A 12 year old girl, drowned by classmates who have not been charged.

A woman found dead in her cell 3 days after being arrested for a traffic stop.

An unarmed man, chased and murdered by white supremacists while jogging.

An unarmed man murdered and left in the street by police and the National Guard for 12 hours.

A man shot 14 times in his back by police who subsequently made ‘closed casket’ jokes on video.

A high school student murdered by classmates found rolled up in a mat in the school gym.

Unfortunately, there are just a few of the cases that need attention. Click here for a larger compiling.