We stand Firmly For Justice

As followers of the Ahlul Bayt (as), we stand with our black brothers and sisters in their fight for racial equality. 

It’s time that we, as a community, do our part.

“The Prophet (pbuh) said,

‘if one among you sees (evil, bad, wrongdoing), he must right it by his hand. 

If he cannot, then by his tongue. 

If he cannot, then by his heart. 

Beyond that, there is nothing of faith’ (meaning someone is faithless at this point).”


– Jami Ahadeeth al-Shia of Sayed al-Bourajourdi, volume 14, page 398


Who we are

About Us

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to reassessing our communities and where they stand on race.

Our Approach

Engage all generations within our mosques, young and old, in actively fighting for racial equality and equity.

Get Involved

We aim to provide a variety of resources and opportunities to help you participate in movements.


start here

It seems overwhelming at first, we know. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and difficult. We have to be okay with that to move forward. Some tips:

1. Take an implicit bias test. It’s anonymous, and will help you name your biases. (Click ‘I wish to proceed’, then select ‘Race IAT’.)

2. Remember: we are late. We have to educate ourselves and those around us about this struggle. See below for resources to help with that. 

3. Demand support from your mosque by drafting a letter of solidarity with the Black community, and in particular with Black families, who have been impacted by police violence. 



Every movement requires funding. Find organizations collecting funds to assist both activists and affected communities.


Continue signing petitions until a situation is resolved. Less attention means less pressure to get the job done.


Find additional resources ranging from translated materials to video clips to support dialogue in your communities.

We are here to help!

Contact us with questions, comments, or to keep updated with our projects.